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Keith Hall Owner - Cool Cuttings Design


How Cool Cuttings Came About

This is a great place to add a tagline. Is what they said, so if you got one, please just drop me a line and maybe you can write the tag line for Cool Cuttings. lol 

I grew up in a small town that isn't small anymore on a small farm that is an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle now.  Never losing those small town values and hard work that were instilled in me by two of my biggest influencers my Dad and my Grandpa.  Learning the value of hard work and doing a quality job when making something out of nothing.  My Grandpa always told me, "if you can make something with your hands you will never starve to death."  Well the love of wood working started in 8th grade wood shop with my first project, a cutting board style Texas wood clock.  My passion for building things was born, now fast forward 30ish years later.  When you have a barn/ building it's just natural that your tools end up there, and then you end up there late at night 

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